October 20, 2018
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Logan Township Introduces Flat 2018 Budget

April 5, 2018 12:04 am0 commentsViews: 65

logan sealBRIDGEPORT — During their meeting on March 20, the Logan Township Council introduced their 2018 zero tax increase municipal budget. This marked the second straight year that Logan delivered a flat budget.

A public hearing is scheduled for April 17 before final voting for adoption of the budget.

The community continued its rebound after the 2016 budget showed a $500 tax increase, mainly due to a loss of revenue for Logan Township after the Keystone Cogeneration Company and the Logan Generating Plant declined in gross revenues. Logan’s financial agreement with Keystone has represented 20 percent of the city’s revenue for more than 20 years.

Administrator Lyman Barnes said that Logan’s finances were going better now. “Businesses are good, and our surplus is strong,” Barnes commented.

Another ordinance was introduced that established the 2018 salaries and compensation for Logan Township officers and employees. Most positions were raised by 10 percent, while a building inspector’s rate was elevated from $66,950 to $73,000.

The town’s bottom pay rate, for a Chief Financial Officer, fell from $40,000 to $25,000. According to Barnes, the building inspector’s rate was raised because the market is tight for them right now.  The CFO rate was lowered because one of the CFOs the community was interviewing was willing to come in at the $25,000 rate.

Logan Township was talking to CFOs because current jobholder Margaret Smith submitted her letter of resignation effective on March 31. Council accepted Smith’s letter, and adopted a resolution appointing William Pine as CFO effective on April 1.

A public hearing on the salary ordinance was set for April 17. Meanwhile, Council approved a resolution appointing Smith as assistant treasurer for Logan Township.

Council also accepted a letter of resignation from Planning Board Member Class IV Kevin Nixon, effective on March 12. Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor thanked Nixon for his service on the planning board. Another resolution appointed Barbara McGill as Class IV, Cynthia Mitchell as first alternate, and Dave Siek as second alternate for members of Logan’s Planning Board.

In other resolutions, Council approved the renewal of the Bridgeport Speedway Racing License for the 2018 season. They also passed resolution authorizing a second payment of $16,660 to Ronald Janney Electrical Contractor, Inc. for the Township Line Park sports field lighting project in 2017.

On this night, Logan Township received a $2,925 award from the 2017 TRICO JIF Safety Incentive Program. Minor thanked the employees and Councilmembers Doris Hall and Bernadine Jackson for their work with JIF. “That’s a wonderful thing,” Minor added.

by Robert Holt

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