GOV. MURPHY PRESS CONFERENCE – Warns of possible restrictions again

July 31 Today’s report of 699 new cases, which is the largest daily increase since June 5, has set off alarms for the governor. “We are standing at a very dangerous place. The only way to silence the alarms is for everyone to take this seriously.” He urged everyone to wear masks and specifically said […]

Updated Positive Test Results In The County

July 31 NEW CASES: 30 COUNTY TOTAL: 3,077 NEW DEATHS: 1 COUNTY TOTAL: 200 DEATH: The 200th patient death was an 80-year-old male from Deptford. POSITIVES: The 3048th case is a 20-year-old female from Washington Twp. The 3049th case is a 41-year-old female from Deptford. The 3050th case is a 57-year-old female form Monroe Twp. […]