Kingsway launches rocket composter

WOOLWICH TWP. — The Kingsway Regional School District announced that it has launched of a new composting program.web sports

District administrators believe the addition of and interaction with composting, students can begin to play an active role in improving their community’s livelihood and environment.

“Students will be exposed to a multitude of rich and interactive educational experiences that will allow for the development of practical and valuable sustainable practices. Through the formation of these habits, students will begin to establish an appreciation for the ecosystem and precious resources that surround and support their healthy living,” said Patricia Calandro, Kingsway’s Chief Academic Officer.

“We are extremely happy that another school has the opportunity to contribute diverting food waste from landfill using the Rocket composter. The educational component of the Rocket is essential for children.

“Kingsway High School’s food waste composting initiative will have a dramatic ripple effect with other schools, communities and towns which will start composting soon. Now, more than ever, food waste should be seen as the last piece of the recycling puzzle,” said Gerardo Soto, Managing Director, NATH Sustainable Solutions.

The Rocker composter provides an on-site tool for learning about the community, environment, and local systems of food production and waste disposal. Additionally, the composter will allow students new and innovative learning experiences that will aid in their understanding of the life cycle and the importance decomposition plays in providing nutrients back into the earth.

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