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Every day I, and many other drivers pass through the SR 322 and Kings Highway intersection in Woolwich Township by Kingsway Regional High School, to state that it is a safety problem is an understatement. This intersection is a main through point between Interstates 95 and 295 with SR 55 and the New Jersey Turnpike and has a high density of commercial traffic as well as garbage haulers to the regional dump. In this mix we have a congested intersection with school buses, parents and commuters that results in 10-15 minute delays as well as highly risky behaviors as cars try to beat the light or oncoming traffic in turning from one Kings Highway onto SR 322. Frankly I am surprised there aren’t daily critical accidents from the behaviors I have seen.

Why is it then that, while we tout maintaining the safety of our children in school we ignore a serious safety issue right before they get to the school? I would offer a bus being ripped through by a tractor trailer, a dump truck or a cement mixer is more likely here than any other form of violence or safety threat in the school. Chiefly as there are no turn lanes anyone turning left has to literally hold up all traffic and wait until the light changes to turn into the heavy traffic volume.

I urge parents to take this very seriously, especially with so many teen-drivers on this route it’s a matter of time before something very tragic happens. I want to know why a “No Left Turn between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m.” sign has not been put in (like on Lake Ave), or why has not a turn lane been added, or why, at least, are there not Police actively directing traffic during peak hours? Is saving a dollar worth a kids life, is that what our town and schools are saying? Or are we waiting for another Stop-sign grant before we fix a serious issue here?

Rob Oliver



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