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To The Editor,

I was a bit surprised tonight when my daughter handed me a ticket she found on my car parked in front of my house. The ticket was for improper parking, as the car was parked facing against traffic. As a 9 year resident of Swedesboro, I have parked my car many times this way without issue and there are no signs or notices anywhere indicating directional traffic. Upon taking the issue up with the police, Chief Russell Marino explained that the town council members had complained about it in a few council meetings but was supposed to communicate the enforcement of the statute that had previously never been enforced. Reasonable notification did not happen, no letters, no flyers, and most importantly no signs to indicate directional parking.

As a result the Woolwich Police apologized as it was the understanding that the town was notifying residents, and they had not, so they recalled the tickets. I applaud them, and note this is not the first time that the township has had communication errors, and not the last but being an active citizen and talking with them about these issues make a big difference for everyone. Thank you Chief Marino.

Robert Oliver

Thank You

To the Editor,

After 9 years of service to the people of the Swedesboro/Woolwich community, I will no longer be running the Concession Stand at Locke Avenue Park.  The Woolwich Township Committee had the option of renewing my contract for another 2 years or asking me to rebid, and they chose to place the contract out for bid.  Regrettably, my bid was $25.00 under the higher bid.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who patronized the Concession Stand over the last 9 years.  It has been my pleasure to serve, not only our community and the youth sports organizations who use Locke Avenue Park, but also the people who came from out of town to participate in the sporting events.    I have enjoyed meeting and getting to know all of you.


Bill Rode

Woolwich Twp.


To The Editor,

I am deeply saddened to hear that the Locke Avenue Concession Stand contract has no longer been awarded to Bill Rode, effective immediately. He was a permanent fixture in the stand for 9 years, he was the food vending coordinator for the annual Swedesboro Woolwich Fun Day, a participant in annual Easter Egg Hunts, and numerous yearly sporting tournaments, to name a few of the many community events in which he was involved. He has been “Swedesboro’s Santa Claus” for 36 years!!
Bill is a lifetime resident of Swedesboro and a graduate of  Kingsway Regional High School. He is the son of the late Otto Rode and nephew of Earl Rode, Jr. (who also has recently passed away) co-founders of Rode’s Catering Business in the 1960’s. Otto C Rode, Inc. has been a family run business located in Swedesboro since 1880. Bill is a fifth generation family member of a well-known Swedesboro business now famous for its delicious catering. Bill has accrued over 45 years experience in the catering and food service business.
Bill is a kind, generous, community minded man who always went the extra mile to make any child or parent feel happy, well-fed, and made everyone feel like a priority, whether a resident or visitor to the park.
Bill lost his contract to a relatively new catering business by a mere $25.00 per month. Bill’s pleasant, caring attitude towards the community will be sorely missed.
I do, however, wish the new concession stand vendor the best of luck and much success in their new endeavor.
Betsy Rioux


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