Boro Dock Vandalized For Second Time

SWEDESBORO — For the second time in the past year, the kayak dock in the Lake Narration Park, has been vandalized.

According to Swedesboro Councilperson Diane Hale, the rollers were pulled out sometime during the kayak websecond week of May, along with the ramp section of the dock. Hale said that with the help of Facebook, that section of the dock was found in the dam. Swedesboro Public Workers pulled it out and have reinstalled the ramp to the dock. Hale stated that she thought it was hard to believe that the ramp floated down the lake without one of the residents seeing it, and she believes that it was dumped there after the article hit social media.

Last fall the rollers were taken out, pulled apart and thrown in to the lake, along with one of the new picnic benches. Some of the rollers were found by a council member and a local fisherman from Mickleton and his son. New rollers were purchase at the cost of $1700. The rollers were reinstalled just in time for the 2014 fishing season. New rollers are again being ordered, but it will take time for the arrival.

Security cameras are being discussed for the park and other locations around town. Hale stated that the Swedesboro Council will not let a few ruin the fun for the majority of the town residents. She is asking everyone to report any vandalism around town to the police.

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