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To the Editor:

Letter to the EditorWith Woolwich Township being the fastest growing township on the East Coast for several years in a row, there are obviously a great deal of families moving to the area that are looking for just the right spot to send their children. When my wife and I moved to Swedesboro four years ago, we were one of those families.

After thoroughly doing our research and speaking with friends in the area, we found the perfect place to send our one year old infant, in Blooming Buds Childcare Center on Second Street in Swedesboro. She began going to Blooming Buds as an infant, continued attending as a toddler, all the way through Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten.

While she is very excited about going to another school for Kindergarten, she is very upset about having to leave Blooming Buds and her wonderful teachers. That said, I felt the need to write to you and hopefully reach out to any new families in the New Town Press area to let them know the tremendous impact Blooming Buds has had on my little one.

Their staff have played an integral role in molding our little girl into the very intelligent, mannerly and well-spoken five year old that she is today.   Blooming Buds is owned and operated by Kim and Brett Thorp. Both are accomplished and very experienced educators with graduate degrees in education. In the four years my wife and I have sent our child there, they have maintained a meticulously clean environment, full of educated, friendly and experienced staff.

The curriculum she has had there has put her far ahead of other children who have already gone through kindergarten. It has prepared her as much as we could have hoped for, to transition easily into kindergarten.

They have very flexible hours from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., and they have gone above and beyond the call on multiple occasions when we were late or needed to arrive early. Their rates are very reasonable, which is always great.

Most of all, my daughter loves her teachers, and her teachers are not only well educated, but genuine role models. I can only hope my little girl’s kindergarten will teach her the same high level of education and life skills such as leadership, respect, hard work and good behavior that Blooming Buds has taught her thus far. Please let your readers know if they are new to the area and they have a little one of their own, that Blooming Buds Childcare Center is outstanding. Vince Pinto

Woolwich Township

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