Italian Sausage Lasagna

This Month’s Recipe is from Chef Enrico’s Mother, Catherine Botto!recipe web

Italian Sausage Lasagna


Anna Brand Lasagna Noodles 2 boxes

Botto’s Italian Sausage Sweet or Hot 1 1lb pack

Ricotta Cheese 3 lb container

Sliced Mozzarella 1 lb

Locatelli Cheese 1/2 lb

Basil Chopped 1/2 cup

Parsley Chopped 1/4 cup

Botto’s Italian Line Spaghetti Sauce 3 jars 26 oz each

Salt and pepper

Whole Eggs 2

Bring pot of water to boil and lightly salt and cook lasagna noodles approximately 3 minutes until al dente – Cool noodles with cold water so you don’t get burned handling – Remove sausage from casing and sauté until fully cooked and crumbled – In a 2 inch deep baking pan coat the bottom with spaghetti sauce – Place a layer of noodles in pan – In a mixing bowl add ricotta cheese , parsley, eggs and season with salt and pepper – Spread an even coat of cheese mixture about half inch in height over lasagna noodles – Generously sprinkle cooked Botto’s Italian Sausage over cheese , save some for next layer – Sprinkle chopped basil and locatelli on sausage and cover with a layer of lasagna noodles and cover with sliced mozzarella – Layer rest of ricotta cheese, sausage and sprinkle more locatelli on top of noodles – Spread another even coat of sauce and cover with mozzarella again – Cover mozzarella with remaining lasagna noodles and cover with sauce , sprinkle basil and locatelli and cover with remaining sliced mozzarella – Bake in oven for 45 minutes at 350 – let rest for 1 hour and serve

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