Sausage Kabobs, Chicken Kabobs And Shrimp Kabobs

Untitled-1First you want to get the meat or seafood items you are using and portion into inch to inch and half cubes.

For shrimp use a jumbo size. Clean and take the shell off. Marinate in your favorite seasoning! In this case, the sausage is done in a steak marinade, the chicken is done Italian style and shrimp has a honey soy lime glaze. Next you want to prepare your vegetables, onions, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers and cube them the same size. Get about 10 inch bamboo skewers and soak them in water for about an hour so when grilling they do not burn. After everything is marinated, you want to skewer the meats and vegetables alternating them so they are they separated by each other. When finished, grill evenly until the meat and seafood are fully cooked and serve. Enjoy! For your Party convenience you can call Botto’s at 856 467 1733 and pre order your kabobs ready for the grill.

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