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magick-18729u5fke_VEaiLKEquipment: Dumbbells

Since we are falling into colder weather and will be spending more time indoors, I’m offering another suggestion for a full body workout with little equipment necessary. This workout is designed for you to complete two sets of each rotation. Each ‘rotation’ consists of two different exercises that will be completed back to back (no rest between exercises) before resting between sets/rotations. Each set should consist of eight to 10 repetitions so choose sets of dumbbells that will bring you to exhaustion of the exercise within eight to 10 repetitions. If you are able to complete more than 12 repetitions, the dumbbell is not heavy enough.

Here we go:

Rotation 1: Bicep curls/ Squats holding a dumbbell. Rest and repeat once.

Rotation 2: Pushups/ Lunges (8 to 10 EACH leg, holding dumbbells). Rest and repeat once.

Rotation 3: Shoulder (military) press/Side lateral raises. Rest and repeat once.

Rotation 4: Close grip pushups/Hammer curls. Rest and repeat once.

Rotation 5: Dips (can use a sturdy table or bench)/ Bent over rows. Rest and repeat once.

Rotation 6: Straight leg raises/Crunches. Rest and repeat once.

This is a great workout to do before or after any aerobic or by itself if pressed for time. It is ideal to start at two sets of each rotation for those who have been doing mostly cardio for their exercise or those who have not really been doing much at all.

Increase the sets as you become better conditioned.  It is not designed to be done every day.

Like any other strength training routine, give yourself at least 48 hours recovery before repeating.

You also don’t have to do the rotations in any particular order. Change it up if you want. We are going to be stuck indoors soon.

Hopefully I’ve offered you something to get you started back on track, or something easy and convenient enough to fit in to busy holiday schedules.

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