Kingsway Delegates Debate At Princeton Model Congress

princeton webWOOLWICH TWP. — The Kingsway Regional High School Delegation for Princeton Model Congress 2015, led by PMC Adviser Andrew Young, traveled to Washington DC on Nov. 19 to take part in the Princeton Model Congress.

Stellar debate performances were turned in by all delegates. In Special Programs, senior Joe Delmar was nominated for PMC President 2015 and senior Marut Raval was appointed to the Presidential Candidate as Secretary to the Treasury.

Princeton Model Congress is the oldest model congress in America. Its inaugural conference took place in 1982 in New York City under the leadership of a group of students from the American Whig-Cliosophic Society, which is the world’s oldest college literary, political, and debate society.

High school students from around the country, under the direction of Princeton undergraduates, simulate all three branches of the Federal Government of the United States of America. At Princeton Model Congress, delegates research and write their own bills on topics pertinent to their committee and based on their individual interests where they debate their bills in an effort to get them passed into law.

Princeton Model Congress offers high school students the opportunity to simulate the experience of serving in Congress, sitting on the bench as a Supreme Court Justice and counseling the Commander in Chief as a member of the Presidential Cabinet.

Joe Delmar was one of 35 applicants to seek nomination for PMC President 2015. Of the 35, three were nominated to run for the Presidency and were tasked to give a three to five minute speech for the opening ceremony. Joe campaigned hard, gave a rousing speech, but came up short in the election.

“Running for president of PMC was truly a once in a lifetime experience,” said Delmar of his experience. “Sharing my ideas with hundreds of my peers and garnering large amounts of votes that showed they agreed with me and what I stand for is something that words do no justice. Although losing was a disappointment, going to the cabinet to debate policy and creating meaningful fixes for problems plaguing this country and the world with peers from up and down the East Coast let me know the next generation has the world in safe hands and that the future holds great things for us all (if we can make it to that point). Thank you for a great experience Mr. Young.”

Delmar is only the third Kingsway delegate to earn a presidential nomination since 2002.  Other Kingsway candidates for PMC President are expected in the future.

Marut Raval applied for a seat in the Presidential Cabinet and was one of 10 applicants (out of 50) who were appointed to serve. Cabinet members were tasked to debate and focus the Administration’s policies.

In a simulated emergency, Cabinet members were roused from their rooms at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday morning to discuss action to be taken following hypothetical terrorist attack on two large American cities.

In Committees, the skills of Kingsway delegates were tested to the limit. In order to get their bills passed into law, delegates were required to give a persuasive speech and then engage in vigorous and passionate debate.

The result was that twenty-five Kingsway delegates had their bills pass in Committee and one moved into Full Session of the House for debate.

Gina O’Donnell’s exceptional performance saw her pass bill in Committee and then pass in Full Session of the House by wide margins. O’Donnell’s Bill sought to end the so-called Gun Show Loophole where guns in various states can be purchased at gun shows and online without any in-depth background checks whatsoever.

In addition, O’Donnell was summoned to the Presidential Cabinet to speak on behalf of her bill which was debated by the Cabinet and then signed into law by the PMC President.

PMC Advisor Andrew Young congratulated each student delegate for their hard work, dedication and for the manner in which they conducted themselves at Princeton Model Congress 2015. These students represented Kingsway, their families and themselves with pride, professionalism and honor.

Said first time delegate, Crista Marsh, “I had a great time and learned much about the House of Representatives. I truly enjoyed the experience.” Mike Massaro, another first timer, declared, “It was awesome. I learned a ton. Great experience overall!”

First timer Jeremy Otten stated, “I got to meet a bunch of nice, young, highly intelligent individuals who forced me to improve my speaking skills just so I could speak without looking like I didn’t belong. I got to tour DC and see the monuments and archives and eat a lot of fast food along the way. I spent time with friends and have memories I will never forget. I regret that I only went this year because I wish I would’ve taken the class sophomore year and went as soon as I could.”

Delegate Maria Goitiandia felt PMC “was a great opportunity and even better learning experience.”

Model Congress veteran Brandon Quinn summed up his experience this way, “PMC allowed me to meet great friends and further my reaches as a speaker, debater, and thinker.”

Finally, Young gives a heartfelt thanks to chaperones Ed Moody and Marilyn-O’Rourke-Young for all their efforts in watching over our delegates to make this trip to Washington, DC a success.  Young looks forward to New Jersey Model Congress coming up in December 2015 and March 2014.

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