fitness webIt’s a brand New Year so now is a great time to re-evaluate health goals. Exercising, eating healthier and making time to keep the body and mind in good shape is high up on the list. For many people it means getting back to the basics that make sense and staying away from fad diets, taking pills, and quick fixes for aches and pains as a priority.

For those looking for alternatives to going to a doctor for pain management, athletes looking for better range of motion and a better balanced body, and those feeling the effects that age is having on the body, there is a new ‘thing in town’ called ‘Rolfing’.

Actually Rolfing has been around for a while but a new practitioner in the county may be right up your alley. Derek Gieschen, born and raised in Swedesboro, is a Rutgers graduate and recently certified Rolfer.

People who leave Rolfing sessions often report feeling lighter, taller, younger, and more alive (hey this sounds like Pilates) which leads to the question, what is Rolfing? Rolfing is a form of structural integration that involves hands on manipulation of the fascia network system.

It is unique to other modalities in many ways. One aspect that makes it stand out is its holistic approach.

Rolfing looks at the body as one organism with many indivisible parts. If anything is out of alignment, the entire body compensates at some level. This is the philosophy on which the traditional 10 series was developed, working to bring support to the whole organism, one part at a time.

In addition, Rolfing is unique in that the results are often PERMANENT! Rolfing is an active process that provokes movements from the client throughout the session. It may seem like a little more work, but a Rolfed asks for movement to engage the nervous system to learn new patterns.

These learned patterns are often more efficient ways to move that puts less stress on the body. The coolest thing is your body will choose these new patterns without you having to do anything! Want to tune up your athletic abilities?

For those who feel they are past the point of their former athletic abilities, its easy to put blame on our joints saying, “I don’t run anymore because I have bad knees”. But what if someone told you that you have good knees, only the rest of your body is out of alignment putting extra stress on your knees.

Better yet, what if someone said you could run pain free again or bend down to tie your shoes without the fear of your back giving out? Rolfing can help relieve chronic pain that has developed slowly over decades.

It can gradually bring our bodies to a place free of pain and free from fear of movement. It can also be used to treat acute injuries that cause pain and stiffness. If left untreated, old injuries often result in a limited range of motion.

Stiffness, pain, backaches, poor flexibility, old injury, or just want to perform better, Rolfing is a safe and naturally effective way of putting the body back on track. It is safe for children as well as the elderly.

For more information, contact Derek through his website: or find South Jersey Rolfing on Facebook.

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