Fitness SOS — Losing weight ‘FAST’


by Jackie Smith

magick-12438xqdAiGzcaWsyThe title may imply the idea of losing weight fast however it’s meant to refer to the new beliefs on fasting to lose weight.

It’s been long believed that if you fasted, your body would automatically adjust its metabolism by slowing down significantly and storing whatever it could that often resulted in more stored fat and no healthy weight loss. If you’ve been watching recent news on fasting, it’s quickly gaining in popularity and acceptance in both the scientific and mainstream communities.

Many health experts are now suggesting intermittent fasting as a successful way to lose weight quicker while increasing overall health.

It has been known, and I’ve mentioned before in previous articles, that the single most common factor related to longevity is calorie restriction. It suggests that some type of fasting is actually good for us and may be related to better overall health.

The problem is knowing how to do it right and the key word is ‘intermittent’ meaning not constant or of long durations.

Common rules of thumb for proper caloric intake is nothing below 1,200 per day for the average woman and about 1,800 per day for the average male. Anything less is considered inadequate for everyday natural physiological function.

Here’s where intermittent comes in. A recent segment on television featured a woman who uses the every other day approach and has successfully lost over 100 pounds, all while still enjoying moderate amounts of her favorite treats. She eats a total of 500 calories one day and follows it with 2,200 calories the next.

She has continued this pattern for over a year with great success. While the story features her saying she did this all while still enjoying donuts and other treats, it fails to point out that she most likely did so at very moderate levels.

She implies that even if her 500 calorie days involved nothing but donuts, she still would have lost the same weight. It was simply the calorie restrictions that she practiced.

The take away point is this. Whatever calorie restriction or ‘fasting’ method you may attempt, I would highly recommend it being done under a doctor’s or a nutrition specialists guidance and include nutrient rich foods as making up the vast majority of those calories.

Do not fast for long periods of time. Intermittent is the key.

You will very likely start seeing more news on the idea of fasting. I can also attest to its success if done correctly.

Remember when I told you last year that it took me 5 months to lose 6 pounds? This year I decided my own method of the every other day ‘fasting’. I have successfully lost 8 pounds in two months and have about 5 to go for what I consider my optimum weight range.

Fasting does not mean starving yourself completely…eat good healthy nutrient dense foods!! And get good professional guidance from a health expert especially if you have any specific health conditions.


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