Logan Council Discusses Mailbox Ordinance

logan twpBRIDGEPORT– The Logan Township Council discussed the community’s new ordinance regarding mailboxes at their meeting on Oct. 18 which prohibits parking in front of a mailbox.

During the public portion of the meeting, Greenfields of Beckett resident Nicole Degnan expressed concerns about receiving a summons due to limited parking in her development. Vehicles are required to park 10 feet away from a mailbox. According to Administrator Lyman Barnes, that distance is enough to give a mail truck clearance to the mailbox.

But many families in the area are using multiple cars, and Degnan’s family has four. Barnes admitted that he sympathized with Degnan’s circumstances, and noted that Greenfields is not really suited for the added family cars. “People are entitled to have full use of their property, and part of that is to have unimpeded mail delivery,” he commented.

The ordinance is being enforced on a complaint basis. Logan Township Police Chief Robert Leash said, “When we get calls, we’re going to respond to them.”

“If someone is parking in front of your mailbox without your permission, it is enforced,” Barnes added. Deputy Mayor Chris Morris spoke about working together with your community, saying, “The ordinance in itself makes a lot of sense, but you need cooperation from your neighbors.”

Degnan is considering approaching the post office about using cluster boxes. Councilmember Bernadine Jackson agreed, saying, “A cluster box is nothing new to them.”

Elsewhere, Council passed a series of resolutions. One approved a maintenance contract for $3,481.40 with Acteon Networks, LLC for Logan Township’s telephone system. Another resolution approved a software assurance contract for $470 with Acteon for software updates and manufacturer tech support for the telephone system.

Another resolution authorized state contract purchase of two 2017 Ford Super Duty F-250 XL 4WD pickup trucks from Beyer Ford for a total price of $67,108. Also, an adopted resolution appointed David R. Siek as a second alternate member to Logan Township’s Zoning Board.

In departments, Public Works Superintendent Mike Riley reported that his workers were completing tree trimming around the town, working on storm drains, and winterizing township sprinkler systems. Public Works also fixed a fallen gutter at the Senior Center.

Riley also mentioned that the township would be receiving a little over $97,000 for this year’s recycling and tonnage grant.

Riley added that a shredding event would be taking place at the Logan Township Elementary and Middle Schools on Nov. 5 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

In her update, Jackson reminded Council that a New York bus outing would be taking place on Nov. 13 for a $10 reservation. “There will be only one bus, and it is filling up fast,” commented Logan Mayor Frank Minor.

For his police report, Leash listed 1,436 calls to service for the local force during September, along with 17 arrests and 216 traffic summonses.

In his update, Councilmember Stephen Dougherty reported that Logan Township would soon be gaining a major ratable. He said the Planning Board had just approved a $1 million building for the community.

“We don’t know who the tenant is, but we expect an announcement soon,” noted Dougherty. Minor mentioned that the company does fulfillment work.

Dougherty estimated that the new building could bring between 500 and 600 jobs to the township.

— by Robert Holt

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