Santa and Mulligan Animal Rescue Give Pets A Chance

EAST GREENWICH — Thanks to Santa and everyone who came to get pictures taken with him, the Mulligan Animal Rescue is able to help out animals in need.

The rescue group is a small, but “mighty” dedicated group of women, believing in making a positive difference in our community. Having no facility of their own, they work strictly from their homes and foster homes. They rely largely on donations and fundraising to sustain their rescue efforts. All of the animals entrusted to our care are fully vetted before adoption including being spayed/neutered, vaccinated and tested.

The group strives to educate and reach a solution to abandoned, abused, injured and homeless animals. The rescue is known for taking in special needs animals as well, which can sometimes result in overwhelming veterinary costs, thus the various fundraisers hosted throughout the year.

santa-pet-web-newPictured with Santa and Mrs. Claws is Mulligan, our mascot.  He was born without eyes, and also has endured seizures since he was three months old, a result of “inbreeding”.

He is a very special, happy boy who visits special needs schools for children. He loves visiting the kids, and they adore spending time with him as well.

If you are a golfer, you are familiar with the term mulligan, it’s a second chance. So as the name implies, every animal deserves a second chance.

Thanks to the Mt. Royal, East Greenwich fire house for their donation of space.


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