Kings Things Thanks Its Volunteers

kings things store.inddSWEDESBORO — As you know this month we celebrate Saint Valentine’s Day. This holiday poses a problem.

“You see”, said Gerry Siglow of King’s Things, “I have a sweetheart and sweethearts.” The sweetheart is his wife Barbara, and the sweethearts are the many volunteers that allow King’s Things to fulfill our mission “To Feed and Clothe the Needy”, and he’d like to thank them all.

They are: Charlotte A, Nicole A, Meredith C, Joan “the baker”, Arlene C, Jean C, Annette C, Marie D, Linda D, Velda D, Jackie G, Sabrina GV, June H, Laura I, Gretchen K, Vivian L, Diana L, Bethany L, Anna M, Marcella M, Joan M, Debbie M, Barbara M, Arlene M, Sue M, Margret M, Shirley M,  Karen M,  Marylyn M, Sue O, Diane O, Joan P, Cathy P, Mary R, Jackie R, Teresa S, Anna-Maria S, Nancy S, Cindi S, Kathy T, Lois W, Alice W, and God speed a healthy recovery to Sylvia N.

If you have a few hours to spare please join them.

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