East Greenwich Fire & Rescue Squad Fire Log

eg fire emblem web2Jan. 20 through Feb. 14

Dwelling Fires: 6; Building Fires: 1; Commercial Vehicle Fire: 2; Rubbish Fire: 1; Motor Vehicle Crashes: 4; Rescue Assignment: 1; Fire Alarms: 8; Fumes: 2; Wires Down or Arcing:    1

Jan. 20: 418 Southgate Coutt, Trico Lift, for a fire alarm. Chief Gould (1901) arrived on location and found an accidental activation by an alarm technician working on the system. The station was in service for 15 minutes.

Jan. 22: Union Road and Cedar Road for a motor vehicle crash. EGPD was on location reporting airbag deployment and 1 person to be checked out by GCEMS. Station was in service for 16 minutes.

Jan. 29: Route 295 mile marker 18.8 for a motor vehicle crash. Units arrived to find a pick-up truck flipped over and 1 patient was trapped. Patient was extricated and transported to the hospital by Gloucester County EMS. Also responding were Gibbstown and Paulsboro. Crews were in service for 37 minutes.

Jan. 31: Route 295 mile marker 17.8 for a commercial vehicle fire. Gloucester County Communications was getting multiple calls for a school bus on fire. Crews arrived to find heavy fire in the engine compartment, the students and driver had safely evacuated. Crews went into service to extinguish the fire. Also dispatched were West Deptford, Paulsboro, Gibbstown and GCEMS. The GC Fire Marshall’s office is investigating. Crews were in service for 40 minutes.

Feb. 4: 103 Hilltop Court in Harrison Twp. for a dwelling fire. Harrison Twp. units arrived and confirmed a working fire. Crews went into service with a 2-1/2” and 1-3/4” hose lines. The fire was under control in 23 minutes, crews were in service for 68 minutes. Also dispatched were Harrison, Woolwich, Glassboro, Gibbstown and GCEMS.

Feb. 4: 344 Red Fox Lane for a fire alarm. At the same time as the Hilltop Court job, East Greenwich was dispatched to a fire alarm in town. Chief Gould (1901) advised Communications to dispatch the next due / cover stations for the assignment. That sent Gibbstown and Paulsboro to handle the alarm. It was determined to be an alarm malfunction. Crews were in service for 7 minutes.

Feb. 8: 320 Kings Highway, Eglington Cemetery, for a rescue assignment. A 900 pound gravestone had fallen on a 60 year old female’s legs. Crews assisted in lifting the stone off the patient and loading her into the ambulance. Crews were in service for 21 minutes.

Feb. 9: 548 Swedesboro Avenue, Eager Beaver Trailers, for a fire alarm. Crews arrived and found nothing showing from the outside. Command requested GC Communications contact the alarm company for a key holder to respond. Key holder arrived on location; crews checked the interior and found nothing. The alarm was reset and the district was cleared.  Crews were in service for 39 minutes.

Feb. 9: 437 Swedesboro Avenue, Gibbstown, for a rubbish fire. While at the alarm at Eager Beaver, Lt. McMahon (1906) noticed a large open burn fire across the street. Upon investigation, a bon fire with burning embers overflowing its container was discovered. Contact with the homeowner was made. Crews extinguished the fire, GC Communications notified Gibbstown’s fire chief and the homeowner was advised to be more careful. Crews were in service for 6 minutes.

Feb. 10: Union Road and Wolfert Station Road for a motor vehicle crash. Crews arrived and found no entrapment. They assisted with lighting the scene and loading patients into the ambulance. Crews were in service for 20 minutes.

Feb. 12: 174 Democrat Road, Dr. Minniti’s Office, for fumes. A cleaning crew detected a strong odor of gas inside the building. They were advised to evacuate. Crews arrived to investigate. They found gasoline leaking from a snow blower parked just inside one of the entryways. The blower was removed to the outside and the building was ventilated. The building was turned over to a key holder. Crews were in service for 49 minutes.

East Greenwich Twp Fire and Rescue is an all volunteer emergency response department protecting East Greenwich and its surrounding communities.  Anyone interested in joining us, please e-mail recruitment@district19.org, call 856-423-6916 or stop by the Cohawkin Road station on Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

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