Woolwich Hears Presentation From Electronics Recycling Company

WOOLWICH TWP. — At their meeting on Nov. 20, the Woolwich Township Committee heard a presentation from a representative of the Curb My Clutter program, a software solution that helps customers collect apparel, electronics and e-waste.

Robert Anderson, Vice President Sales, delivered the information. Curb My Clutter operates by texting to collect and recycle discarded items from the curbs of customers. Users submit product images that enable CMC to identify the highest market values for the products while avoiding the cost of holding inventory.

CMC has relationships with large and innovative markets for recycling, refurbishment and resale.

Anderson, who has been in the industry for 30 years, said the early days of bottles and cans were done through drop-off, and he saw a similar opportunity for apparel and electronics with his solution. According to the CMC plan, residents have to text their name and address, send photos of the clothing and electronics they wanted recycled, and confirm an appointment for collection.

Anderson noted that a household will receive a reward if they take photos of their discarded items. He added that television pickups would require a payment beforehand.

Mayor Alan Schwager saw the service as a benefit to Woolwich Township, saying, “I see no downside here.” Committeeman Dan Battisti commented, “What you pick up doesn’t go in our landfill.”

The Committee voted for Woolwich to join the pilot program. Anderson hoped to get the message out and begin the program on Jan. 1.

In resolutions, the Committee adopted a resolution authorizing issuing of peddler’s license to

Vivint Solar. They also approved Woolwich Township’s participation in the Governor’s Council

on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse- Fiscal Grant Cycle July 2014- June 2019.

Elsewhere, in liaisons, Deputy Mayor Frank Rizzi reported that the Woolwich Fire Company

answered 68 percent of its calls in Woolwich Township during October, while 32 percent came

from Swedesboro.

Committeeman John Carleton said that Business Development Advisory Committee’s event in

October was successful, and received good feedback. Also, Carleton mentioned that the

Christmas Parade would be held on Dec.2, beginning at 5 p.m. at the Stratton School. The

event would culminate at 7:30 p.m. with a fireworks display, according to the Committeeman.

In Streets and Roads, Committeeman Jordan Schlump reported that vegetation and metal

collection was continuing, and the department used three tons of asphalt in October. Schlump

added that snow removal equipment is being prepared.

Under Construction and Zoning Code Enforcement, Schwager listed six new housing starts and

43 zoning permits for Woolwich in October. In Police, Schwager expressed hope that a new

police contract would be completed in time for the new year.

by Robert Holt

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