East Greenwich Fire and Rescue Logs

eg fire emblem webMarch 1 – March 31, 2018.

Dwelling Fire: 2; Building Fire: 2; Brush Fire: Motor Vehicle Crash: 6; Pedestrian Motor Vehicle Crash: 1; Fire Alarm: 4; Carbon Monoxide Alarm: 2; Wires Down or Arching: 3; Service Assignment: 3; Assist Police Dept.: 1; Cardiac Arrest: 2; Fall Victim: 1

March 3: 05:44, 121 Berkeley Rd., fire alarm. Chief Gould (1901) arrived initially finding nothing showing. On further investigation, he discovered smoke from the rear of the Idea Asian restaurant. 1901 upgraded the call to a Building Fire. 1901 gained entry and discovered workers left a bowl of rice on top of a fry basket. Residual heat from the fryer set the rice on fire. The fire was contained to the bowl and there was no further damage. 1901 recalled the assignment except Station 19. Engine 1911 arrived and extinguished the bowl with a fire extinguisher. 1911’s crew then put a fan in the doorway to remove the remaining smoke. The GC Fire Marshall’s and Health Dept.’s offices were notified. The station was in service for 60 minutes.

March 5: 17:22, 106 Quail Ridge Way, dwelling fire. The caller reported sparks from the outlets and smoke in the residence. Chief Gould (1901) was first to arrive and found a light smoke condition in the residence. Ladder 1916 arrived; the crew went inside to investigate and discovered a faulty light on the second floor. The light was removed and the smoke condition was cleared. Crews were in service for 42 minutes. Also dispatched were Harrison, Woolwich, Gibbstown, Paulsboro and GC EMS.

March 9: 07:26, 180 Cedar Rd., motor vehicle crash. The caller was reporting a 1 vehicle MVC with the car flipped on its side. Chief Gould (1901) and Rescue 1918 arrived, no fire department services were required, the assignment was recalled. The station was in service for 39 minutes.

March 9: 08:31, Mantua Rd. at Thompson Ave., motor vehicle crash. Callers were reporting this to be a multi-vehicle MVC. 1901 and Rescue 1918 arrived to find 5 vehicles involved in the crash with no entrapment. One patient was transported by GC EMS the hospital. Utility 1917 took a position at Mantua and Edward’s Run to block traffic. 1918’s crew began putting down oil dry for the leaking fluids. The station was in service for 30 minutes.

March 9: 09:43, Kings Hwy. at Mantua Rd., motor vehicle crash. Third crash that morning, Station 19 was dispatched for a vehicle MVC with injuries. Chief Gould (1901) and Dep. Chief Hall (1902) were first on location. 1902 took Command while 1901 began treating one of the drivers. 1902 ordered Rescue 1918 to have an EMT on the truck begin treating the other driver. The rest of the crew secured the batteries on the vehicles and put down oil dry for leaking fluids. Both drivers were transported by GC EMS. The station was in service for 29 minutes.

March 18: 12:23, 253 Pine Mill Rd., brush fire. Brush 1915 and Engine 1911 arrived to find leaves on fire in a side yard. The fire was extinguished and crews overhauled the pile. Crews were in service for 33 minutes.

March 18: 21:10, Route 295 northbound near mile marker 17.4, pedestrian motor vehicle crash. The 9-1-1 caller originally reported the crash at MM 19.5 in West Deptford. Police on location confirmed the scene to be at MM 17.4 in East Greenwich. A male was struck by a vehicle while trying to cross Rt. 295. Upon arrival, the patient was found to be deceased. Rescue 1918 along with West Deptford Engine 613 stood by and provided scene lighting for the NJSP Crash Investigation Unit. The station was in service for 4 hours and 42 minutes.

March 30: 05:15, 774 Kings Hwy., carbon monoxide alarm. Rescue 1918’s crew went through the residence with a CO detection meter and found nothing. Harrison Twp Engine 2313 arrived and conducted a secondary sweep, also finding nothing. It was determined to be faulty batteries in one of the CO alarms. The batteries were replaced and the house was turned back over to the resident. Crews were in service for 34 minutes.

East Greenwich Twp Fire and Rescue is an all volunteer emergency response department protecting East Greenwich and its surrounding communities.  Anyone interested in joining us, please e-mail recruitment@district19.org, call 856-423-6916 or stop by the Cohawkin Rd station on Tuesdays at 7pm.

Visit us at Facebook.com/EastGreenwichFireRescue or www.District19.org.

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