Logan Township Adopts Budget Containing Decrease

BRIDGEPORT — The Logan Township Council adopted its 2019 municipal budget after a public hearing at its meeting on July 16.

Every home assessed at the Logan Township average of $212,000 received a four percent tax decrease for every $100 of a home’s assessed value in the budget, according to CFO Will Pine.

Logan’s budget had been tabled for several weeks because of issues with the state. At this meeting, Logan Township adopted a resolution to read the budget by title only. Now all state statute requirements have been met.

A budget may be read by title only at the time of the public hearing if a resolution is passed by not less than a majority of the full governing body, and a complete copy of the budget is made available for public inspection upon request seven days before the public hearing.

“Not many towns can say they’re getting a decrease,” Pine commented, after the budget was adopted. “The Logan Township governing body continues to search for ways to offer more to its residents and businesses for less tax impact,” Logan Mayor Frank Minor said in the town’s 2019 spring newsletter.

In other news, Council rejected bids received for the FY2018 New Jersey Department of Transportation reconstruction of Commerce Boulevard Project based on the recommendation of Engineer Annina Hogan. “We wanted to use a $1,000 grant we had received to increase the scope of the bids,” she explained.

Council authorized Hogan to re-advertise bid openings for the project. They also moved to allow Hogan to prepare bid specs and advertise bid opening for the 2018-2019 Logan Township Road Program.

In new business, Uptown Bakeries was granted a temporary use permit for use of a tent on Sept. 19. The tent would be used for their annual safety picnic.

Other resolutions saw Council appoint Robert Leash to the position of Class III officer within the Logan Township Police Department. Leash retired as Logan Chief of Police on December 31, 2018. The next resolution adopted by Council authorized a shared service agreement between Logan Township and the Logan School District Board of Education for a School Resource Officer, who turned out to be Leash.

“Leash knows the lay of the land, and it’ll be great to have him back,” Minor said.

In his police report, Capt. Joseph Flatley listed 1,200 calls to service for the Logan force in June, and 169 traffic summonses were issued.

Flatley and Minor mentioned the 2019 Youth Police Academy which took place July 15-19 at the Municipal Complex. The program was for Logan residents from age 10 to 18 with an interest in law enforcement.

Flatley pointed out that 42 kids were enrolled in the Academy as of July 15. “Kids are loving the academy,” he added.

Council also saw a presentation from Hogan regarding traffic calming measures for Beckett Road. Addition of medians was discussed, along with costs involved to include trees or shrubs with them. Councilmember Chris Morris mentioned that trees and shrubs are the most affordable option.

“Putting something in the median makes it more traffic calming,” he noted. They considered costs involved in the use of landscaping vs. hardscaping. Council also agreed that installation of a proposed bike path could be decided later. 

“Nothing would have to be done right now, and we can try to get a grant for a bike path at a later date,” Hogan said. The engineer said that final decisions on Beckett Road would be needed in August or September.

“I just feel like the town is clicking on all cylinders right now,” Minor added. “It has been a collective effort from everyone involved.”

by Robert Holt

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