East Greenwich Police Elevates Brenner to Chief, Roster Now at 19

MICKLETON — The East Greenwich Township Committee continued to upgrade its police department at their meeting on Dec.10.

East Greenwich Mayor Dale Archer swore in Ptl. Evan Kircher as a full-time police officer for the East Greenwich Department along with Sgt. Matt Brenner as the town’s new Chief of Police.

Archer has stated that the goal of East Greenwich was to employ a force of 20 full-time officers.

He commented, “We believe this number is sustainable and will ensure our town is properly patrolled and protected.”

Chief Brenner agreed that the police department was fully staffed. He expressed his gratitude to his family, friends and the governing body, adding “Their belief in me is what brought me to this point tonight.”

Brenner offered his own thoughts on leadership, saying, “I believe we have the greatest leadership in New Jersey, and I think our officers believe that. My goal is to inspire others to be leaders.” Borrowing the words of Ronald Reagan, he said, “It doesn’t have to be the greatest leader to do the greatest things, we have to inspire others to do the greatest things.”

Archer called it an honor and a privilege to swear in Ptl. Kircher, a veteran and a graduate of the police academy. Kircher received an honorable discharge from the US Army and was working as a surveillance investigator. He was hired through East Greenwich’s Veteran’s Preference Program.

Deputy Mayor Jim Philbin called Kircher another asset to the police department. Philbin said the evening was a moment for the officers to share with their family and friends, a large number of whom attended the meeting.

“There are so many others out there that are not good people,” Archer concluded. “Every day you put on your uniform you put your life on the line. I surely believe that we have the greatest force in the county when I see this kind of loyalty and collaboration.”

Meanwhile, Archer pointed out that the township was able to complete negotiations on a new five-year contract with the police department before the current agreement had expired. “Respect goes back and forth,” Archer commented. “We never lost focus on our goal of taking care of our policemen, their families and the community.”

“We want to continue to reinvest in this community,” Archer observed. “We will continue to give our officers opportunities and everything they need.” The mayor noted that he had included funding for two full-time officers and two police vehicles in East Greenwich’s 2019 budget.

In new business, the Committee agreed to create a residential multifamily Assisted Living Zone Veterans Housing Facility. They also approved the execution of a Development Agreement with Clarksboro Commons, LLC.

The Committee authorized the transfer of appropriations of $10,000 to the Office of Emergency Management for the purchase of radios. They also adopted a resolution for the certification of the 2018 Annual Audit. “Our audit was excellent, and continues to get better every year,” Archer said.

In old business, East Greenwich authorized to advertise for towing and an internal mechanic. “We want to do things in house, and to be able to sustain ourselves,” noted Archer. “This is a great opportunity for us.” Archer also considered a goal of more shared service agreements for the Township by 2021.

The mayor mentioned that over 2,500 people came to the township’s Christmas Tree Lighting. He said that over 2,000 meals had been given away by food truck Thy Kingdom Crumb.

by Robert Holt

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