East Greenwich Hoping for 20 Full Time Police Officers in 2020

MICKLETON — At their meeting on Jan. 14, the East Greenwich Township Committee adopted a resolution that approved the hiring of Class I and Class II Officers, and a Full Time Police Officer. East Greenwich Mayor Dale Archer has stated before that the town’s goal for 2020 was to have 20 full time officers on their force.

“We firmly feel this is the appropriate number of officers in regard to protection, safety and financial sustainability,” Archer wrote in a recent email address. “The Police Department will again be allotted two vehicles this year along with monies to purchase equipment and additional training among other essentials.”

Deputy Mayor Jim Philbin commented that the additions will allow more training for officers and help to control traffic. Archer took note that a record number of tickets were written in East Greenwich for speeding in 2019.

4-Way Stop

On Jan. 10, the Gloucester County Engineering Department completed installation of a four way stop sign and red flashing lights at the intersection of Kings Highway and Tomlin Station Road. Numerous motor vehicle crashes with injuries and a fatality had taken place there over the past several years, and the county determined the sign was a necessity after an extended survey.

 “This blinking light was installed in attempt to make this area safer for all within our community,” Archer wrote in the email. “We will continue to be aggressive in enforcing the speed limit, and in return we ask that you also take your time and observe the speed limits.”

Archer explained in the email that East Greenwich will be buying new radar and speed signs that track data to maximize the town’s speeding enforcement. “Last year we purchased a stealth Camaro and the amount of tickets, drug busts and DUI’s in that one car has paid for itself already.”

In old business, Archer mentioned in his email address that the township had fulfilled another of its goals by adding an in-house mechanic. “Over the course of the last year we purchased new lifts and equipment to transform two bays in our Public Works Garage to our new Mechanics Shop,” Mayor Archer wrote in his email. “The return on investment in fixing Township vehicles in-house should pay for itself by mid-year.”

“We hired a new employee who is certified on Chevy, Ford and Dodge, mastered in Diesel and Hum-V, combined with welding experience.” Archer added. “We will now create a comprehensive fleet maintenance program in-house that will extend the life of vehicles, expedite maintenance work and ultimately save us money.”

by Robert Holt

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