Clarification to the February Hometown Living article

“Shameful and Painful Parts of American History that Should Never be Forgotten”

In regard to the photograph of Theodore Young’s gravestone which accompanied this article, and whose caption claimed that the three-link chain symbolized that he was slave, the author would like to report that two readers have pointed out that the three-link chain is a symbol of the Odd Fellows international fraternal organization. The author has since consulted with the H.E.L.P. organization from whom the original information about the symbol was obtained, and both the organization and author acknowledge that although no record has been found, Mr. Young may indeed have been a member of the Odd Fellows or was supported by them. Although the symbol may not have symbolized bondage, Mr. Young may indeed have been a slave, being that many of the graves in the Mt. Zion Cemetery contain the remains of escaped ex-slaves.

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