Logan Endorses Township Improvements, Reconsiders Re-Bid Project

BRIDGEPORT — At their meeting on March 17, the Logan Township Council accepted two bids for their 2019 Curb Replacement Program Re-Bid Project from Lexa Concrete LLC and Think Pavers were the two bidders.

Lexa’s first base bid was $309,132.00, while their second was $283,457.00. Think Pavers first base bid was $256,271.00, and their second was $258,601.

Engineer Annina Hogan said all the township was looking for was acceptance. Logan had already written a letter to the companies involved in the rebidding, and a bond ordinance was in place. No action was going to be taken at this time, Hogan commented.

Meanwhile, Council adopted a bond ordinance providing for various capital improvements for the township. They appropriated the aggregate amount of $2,500,000 and authorized issuing of $2,300,000 in bonds or notes to Logan to cover part of the cost.

In new business, the Logan Township Volunteer Fire Department accepted the Junior Membership Application submitted by Cheyenne Pacenza to the fire department. Council also accepted a Membership Application to the Logan Township Fire Department from Laura Gouse.

“Any additions we can get will add to the fire department,” noted Logan Township Mayor Frank Minor.

Council also accepted a request from South Jersey Blue Jays Baseball for use of the Little League Fields for the 2020 season.

During the public portion of the meeting, Antonio Santos from the area wanted to give some recognition to a member of the Zoning Department in Logan Township. Santos explained that someone had mixed up the paperwork on three properties that he owned, but thanks to Construction Secretary Monica Winnett, the work had been straightened out.

“She almost quit because she had so many things on her plate.” He added, “I couldn’t give her anything, but I just wanted to see her get recognition.” Minor commented, “It’s impressive that you would take the time out of your life to see her get this recognition.”

This meeting was taking place during the globally spreading Coronavirus pandemic. “This is one of the biggest health scares I have experienced in my lifetime,” Minor stated. He added that the township had turned to social distancing since he had been in town.

Social distancing is a term applied to certain moves made by Public Health officials to stop or slow down the spreading of a highly contagious disease.

At this writing, Minor announced that the township municipal building would stay open for daily operations, but all municipal offices will be closed to the public in an effort to protect employees and the public from further spread of Covid-19. All essential township operations – including police and public works, will continue, as will emergency services.

by Robert Holt

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