Logan Police Monitoring Criminal Activity During Restricted Period

BRIDGEPORT – At the Logan Township Council meeting on May 19 Captain Joseph Flatley assured residents that police are still patrolling to watch for criminal activity.

“We haven’t been doing excessive proactive enforcement, but our officers have still been out collectively patrolling,” Flatley reported. He said that several arrests have been made and several summonses have been issued. “But with the Stay at Home orders starting to be receded, I think you’ll see an increase in illegal activity.”

“We’re monitoring that on a daily basis,” Flatley said. Minor questioned Flatley as to whether any of the arrests they made were related to non-compliance to restrictions. Flatley mentioned that there had been a couple of DUI arrests, but only one incident where an executive order had been violated.

“No summons was issued, but that was no fault of the officer’s, just a lack of familiarity with how to proceed with that,” Flatley clarified. “The individual involved has been put on notice, and if there should be any future incidents, that individual will be cited.”

Minor asked the lieutenant where Logan Township stood with houses of worship at this juncture. “At this point in time, the houses of worship can do parking lot services,” Flatley continued.  “If they can socially distance themselves six feet from one another, they are permitted to open their windows. The religions who practice communion during their services are permitted to have them served by one of the pastors.”

Flatley said he heard several questions about ten or fewer gatherings inside a church, and no concrete answer was given as to how many were allowed.

Elsewhere, Council first introduced an ordinance that would allow the township to exceed the municipal budget appropriation limits and to establish a CAP bank. A CAP Bank of two percent is a precautionary measure requested by the state of New Jersey every year. The ordinance was introduced on its first reading and a public hearing was set on the matter for June 16.

Another ordinance was introduced that would amend the unified development ordinance of Logan Township. This amends application, review and inspection fees. A public hearing was also set for June 16.

In resolutions, Council approved a shared service agreement with Woolwich Township for solid waste collection. Logan Township is the provider through the Leap Implementation Grant Agreement. The Local Efficiency Achievement Programs were created to support excess costs associated with implementing of shared service.

Council also authorized the release of the maintenance guarantee for RAR2-395 on Pedricktown Road, affecting a parcel on the Logan Township Tax Map.

In new business, Council approved a Temporary Use Permit for TNT Fireworks at ACME Markets parking lot from June 20 through July 6. Minor asked for assurances of social distancing.

In reports, Public Works Manager Mike Riley said that over 140 residents came to the township’s successful shred event the previous Saturday. “We did over four tons of recycled paper,” he noted.  Engineer Annina Hogan, who was expecting a lot of work with the road programs and concrete work over the summer, assured Mayor Minor that she would have the workers practice social distancing and not congregating.

by Robert Holt

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