First Baptist Church Pandemic Community Food Giveaway

On a bright beautiful Saturday, the outpouring of compassion and grace to the community of Swedesboro and beyond was tangibly evident in a Food Giveaway in the parking lot of First Baptist Church of Swedesboro on June 20. Pre-packed bags of food, anti-bacterial soap, cases of can vegetables and fruit were distributed; by the contact-free method of placing the items in the trunk of the vehicles. In total, over 200 bags of food were distributed to meet the needs of those that may be experiencing the challenges and struggles that accompany the economic fallout of the COVID-19 Pandemic. So many that drove through the giveaway were abundantly grateful and were glad to see the goodwill in our community continue to build on the heels of the hugely impactful Swedesboro Unity March. Member of First Baptist Church were grateful to show the love and goodness of Jesus Christ to their neighbors and do their part to serve others in these times of uncertainly, so that hope and help will enable us all to be overcomers.

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