Murphy allows schools to delay in-person instruction until schools can meet safety precautions; virtual learning must be used


•     Gov. Murphy signed an Executive Order officially clearing both public and nonpublic pre-K through 12 schools, colleges, and universities to reopen for the upcoming academic year, but is also allowing schools that cannot meet state mandated safety precautions before the beginning of the official school year to delay in-person teaching. Those schools that cannot meet those requirements will begin the school year teaching virtually but must specify a date that they will be opening to in-person teaching. Murphy did say the he reserves the right to go all virtual if the COVID numbers support it. When asked how students eating together in a room was different than eating in a restaurant, Murphy explained that students would be eating together in their same cohort or group, versus with random people in a restaurant.

•     The New Jersey Economic Development Authority is launching the first phase of the New Jersey Small and Micro Business PPE Access Program to ensure that small businesses and non-profits have access to fairly priced PPE.  For more information:

•     There were eight counties that they are watching because they have had over 25 COVID cases a day. They are Bergen, Burlington, Camden, Essex, Gloucester, Hudson, Middlesex, and Passaic.

•     As of Aug. 12, 4,780 seasonal workers have been tested. No figure was given on their positivity rate.

•     The statewide positivity rate for tests drawn on Aug. 8 was 2.09%. In North Jersey 1.9%, Central Jersey 1.82%, South Jersey 2.64%.

•     Although only 9 deaths were reported today, hospitals reported 13 deaths last night. These numbers will not be reflected in totals until lab confirmed, though.

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