Concern Voiced About College Openings


Aug. 24

  • Restart and Recovery Co-Chair Dr. Shirley Tilghman stated that she is concerned about the opening of colleges impacting the spread of the virus, stating that the cerebral cortex is not developed in people of that age. Because of this they will not take proper precautions. Commission July Persichilli agreed.
  • Murphy said he was also concerned with the upcoming change of season and the spread of the virus. “Its only a matter of time till the weather turns against us and we’re going to be gathering in some form or fashion inside.” Murphy’s biggest concern about the spread of the virus is indoor activity which is why he has held off the opening of indoor dining and gyms. His mantra has been – outside activity good, inside activity bad.
  • On the opening of gyms – Murphy said he is looking for sustained good data as a sign of when he is ready to open gyms and indoor dining “and we’re getting in that neighborhood now.”
  • There has been 1 new case of multi-system inflammatory syndrome reported. This makes a total of 56 cases in the state with no deaths. No one is hospitalized at this point.
  • In the last 24 hours, there have been nine COVID suspected deaths in hospitals.
  • The state positivity for tests drawn on Aug. 20 was 1.33%. In North Jersey 1.19%, Central Jersey 1.14%, South Jersey 1.98%. This is the first time all three parts of the state have been under 1%.
  • Schools – 745 districts have submitted opening plans; 251 are completed, 389 have been reviewed and sent back for revisions, 105 are awaiting review. Plans: 436 are requesting a hybrid program; 180 are seeking a delay; 59 are doing full time in-person; 11 are doing a combination plan. The state will try and have a list of schools with their approved opening plan.
  • Bio -Refence Lab, which had problems with giving false positive COVID test results for 11 NFL teams, is used by New Jersey for testing, but Murphy said New Jersey’s numbers are not impacted by any possible problems there. The NFL teams experienced false positive COVID-19 tests of players, coaches and staff stemming reportedly from a contamination in the Bio-Reference’s New Jersey testing laboratory.

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