Flooding rains cause dam washout & road destruction

SEVERE road damage was sustained in the southern end of Woolwich Township after the area received up to eight inches of rain in about two hours on Aug. 7. Shown here is the complete wash out of a section of Oliphant Road spanning 50 to 75 feet. This was caused by the collapse of Porches […]

Bicyclist rescued from drained lake mud

What once was a beautiful lake on Oliphant Road in Woolwich Township before the Aug. 7 floods blew out its dam became a swampy quagmire that lured this cyclist into its sticky, swampy remains. Members of the Woolwich Fire Company were called to help free the cyclist that became stuck, bike and all. No reason […]

Logan Looking at Ways to Clear Trucks From Beckett Road

BRIDGEPORT — At their meeting on Aug. 18, the Logan Township Council discussed how to reduce large truck traffic from Beckett Road. An abundance of larger trucks in the area have made the road more dangerous for drivers and children who may play in the area. But recent ordinances that have been adopted regarding changing […]

Woolwich Discusses Its Recovery From Storm Damaged Roads

WOOLWICH TWP. — Sections of Woolwich Township received severe road damage after the community endured a series of storms in early August. During their meeting on Aug. 17, the Township Committee talked over ways the community can come back from substantial rainfall damage over a short period. Oliphant Mill Road suffered a dam washout. The […]

Kingsway Baseball Shows What Could Have Been in Last Dance Tourney

Last month we reported on the exploits of the Kingsway softball team, which had the opportunity to compete in a culminating tournament. Not to be outdone by their female counterparts, the Kingsway baseball team also participated recently in a tourney with resounding results. In 2019, Kingsway finished with a 15-8 record, winning the Tri-County Conference […]

(Due to the Covid-19 Crisis, please call the organization to verify if the meetings are cancelled or being held online.) AGED TO PERFECTION: If you are over 55 years of age and reside in Woolwich or Swedesboro join us. We are an active senior group enjoying common interests, games and outings. Meetings are held the […]

Local Winners of The Best of Gloucester County 2020 announced

GLASSBORO — The 24th Annual Best of Gloucester County contest has officially named it’s 2020 winners. There were 137 categories in the year’s contest and winners were selected by the residents of Gloucester County. The local 2020 winners are: AUTO/TRUCK REPAIR Schoener’s Service Station, Swedesboro BAKERY Sweetsboro Pastry Shoppe, Swedesboro BARBEQUE Dave & Son’s 322 […]

Hot or cold, these hearty soups will please family and friends

Looks like we will continue to be sheltering at home and gathering safely with social distancing and donning masks for a while longer. But that’s a good reason to take advantage of the flexibility of home cooking, whether you are feeding your family at the table inside or a group of friends and relatives at […]

Swedesboro Day Cancellation

To the Editor: I’m sorry report that the latest victim of the COVID 19 pandemic is our annual Swedesboro Day Celebration and Car Show.  Our team came up with several contingency plans that we originally felt would allow us to pull off a drastically downsized version for the day.  However, after much discussion we came […]