Bicyclist rescued from drained lake mud

What once was a beautiful lake on Oliphant Road in Woolwich Township before the Aug. 7 floods blew out its dam became a swampy quagmire that lured this cyclist into its sticky, swampy remains. Members of the Woolwich Fire Company were called to help free the cyclist that became stuck, bike and all. No reason was given on the fire company’s Facebook post as to the identity or reason for this bicyclist change of course. According to the post, Chief Valichka and Assistant Chief Slusar arrived first to find the gentlemen in the mud up to his waist about 10 feet off the bank. From the crew of Rescue 2518, firefighters Chad Antolini and Nick Thompson along with Chief Valichka threw a rescue rope to the individual and pulled him onto an awaiting long board. From there he was assisted up to GCEMS waiting on the roadway.

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June 4, 2023, 12:30 am
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