Fromm Voices Concern Over COVID Numbers

SWEDESBORO — Swedesboro Mayor Thomas F. Fromm addressed the Borough’s latest COVID-19 statistics at the Borough Council’s virtual meeting on Dec. 21

Fromm said that in the last two to three weeks, the area has experienced a surge in positive cases, with six to seven new cases per day. He emphasized that it is not only the elderly in those numbers, but 35 to 50-year-old individuals as well as some children.

He made it clear that by continuing to follow social distancing guidelines we can defeat the spread of COVID-19. “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” he stated. “But we can’t get complacent.”

Currently there is only one employee allowed in Borough Hall at a time, and even that number may be reduced to zero to help battle the spread of the virus. “It’s my responsibility that our employees are safe,” Fromm continued. “We will see this through.”

In recycling, George Weeks stated that 90 of 95 loads had been rejected due to people not properly following recycling guidelines, with plastic bags being the main culprit. The town, as a result has had to endure extra excess fees.

In streets, there are now seven speed humps on Second Street. Fromm stated that they are already making a difference in the speed at which people frequently travel that road. In addition, there may be a future truck restriction coming to stop large trucks from using Second Street to get to Locke Avenue.

In other news, the Swedesboro Woolwich Elementary Schools will be staying with all remote learning until Jan. 18, at which time it will revert to their normal hybrid schedule.

It was also noted that the Dec. 29 Veteran’s luncheon was cancelled but there are plans to continue the tradition in 2021.

— By David Warren

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