King’s Things Thank You

SWEDESBORO – King’s Things would like to say thank you to the many people that contributed to their most challenging Christmas program ever witnessed.

Gerry Siglow from Kings’s Things said the community came together changing “the worst of times into best of times”. Not by the conditions of the economy, social distancing, and the dangers of the virus, he added, but by the charity they displayed. “You gave your time, your treasure and your talent. God Bless You.”

He would like to specifically thank Father Kennedy and Gina for a tremendous amount of patience allowing for the use of the church hall. Rocco, a young man contacting Kellogg’s Corporation and securing two pallets of cereal as well as contacting his friends to collect a ton of food. The Scouts from Bridgeport and Swedesboro, Keller and Williams Realty collected tons of food (pictured above). “I really mean tons.” The volunteers who came forward pledging their support back in October. “And a very special Thank You to JoAnna, Barbara, and Virginia.”

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