Being environmentally conscious can start in your own backyard

One local group of children had the idea to help the environment by cleaning up around their neighborhood.

The idea started with Olivia Pollitt and her dad Ryan Pollitt. Olivia loves nature, the environment, and animals, so to see litter in her community has always been upsetting. Olivia wanted to put her feelings into action last year, but due to the pandemic was not able to organize a wider community litter pick-up group.

Also due to the pandemic, neighborhood children started playing outside in the creek behind their homes. Probably due to road run off through the creek, there was quite a bit of litter accumulating there. So the Pollitt’s and a neighboring family, the Price’s, planned time on a Saturday afternoon to clean up the creek that they love to play in.

The happy faces say it all. Now the creek is an even more beautiful outdoor playground where imaginations can run wild.

According to the Olivia Pollitt, 9, “I felt good after we cleaned the creek, and I still feel good about it. One small spark can make a big difference. I hope that other people will try and help the environment too. This is our home, so we need to keep it clean and healthy.”

Lena Price, age 6, said, “I felt happy and proud because it’s not nice to litter because animals could die.” Aiden Pollitt, age 9, added, “I felt that doing this we really did something good because one small thing can have a big impact.”

Charlie Price, age 9, said, “I feel proud. It was cool to clean the whole creek and backyard.”

Pictured above are Ryan Pollitt, Olivia Pollitt (age 9), Lena Price (age 6), Aiden Pollitt (age 9), and Charlie Price (age 9).

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