2022 Shredding Events for Swedesboro and Woolwich

2022 Shredding Events for Swedesboro and Woolwich

SWEDESBORO — Once again Swedesboro and Woolwich Clean Communities Committees are joining forces in 2022 to offer the residents from both towns four opportunities to shred their personal documents.

Mark your calendars April 23, 9-12 Swedesboro; June 4, 9-12 Woolwich; September 10, 9-12 Woolwich; November 5, 9-12 Swedesboro. The Woolwich events will be held at the Woolwich Municipal Building and the Swedesboro events on Kings Highway in the lot next to The Red Hen.

There are a few restrictions for all events: no boxes, plastic bags, metal clips, binders, rubber bands or objects of any kind. Please Note that the truck will be there during the posted hours but if it gets full to capacity beforehand, then that will be the ending time.  

Any questions please contact either the Swedesboro Borough Hall 467-0202 or the Woolwich Municipal Building 467-2666x 3118.

This event is held in cooperation with the Board of County Commissioners,

Frank J. DiMarco, Director of the Board of Commissioners.

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