Installing Cameras To Stop Vandalism In Locke Ave. Park A Possibility

WOOLWICH TWP – Woolwich Township residents are gearing up for spring and the township committee is making sure all the community’s facilities are ready for the season. At the Woolwich Township Committee Meeting on April 18, the committee made several announcements regarding their preparation for spring.

According to Committeeman Michael Nocentino, public spaces within Woolwich have seen several updates within the past month in preparation for spring and summer events. These improvements included the replacement of several swing sets as well as bathroom improvements at Locke Ave Park.

“As we’ve talked about the vandalism in the park bathroom, this resulted in the replacement of sinks and toilets,” Nocentino said. “And due to continued vandalism, the bathrooms are only being opened for special events.”

Vandalism within the park has reportedly run rampant throughout the year, resulting in the continued vandalism Nocentino mentioned. Further preventative measures against these actions have been taken, including the discussion of security cameras.

“Vandalism has not stopped. It has moved to different areas of the park,” Mayor Craig Frederick said, “So, we are in the process of trying to review a couple different quotes [for security camera costs.]”

Installing cameras at Locke Ave Park has reportedly been in discussion for years due to the vandalism the site has experienced as well as the costs the township has had to put toward replacing vandalized structures.

In the past, Locke Ave park has seen its structures lined with graffiti reading “666” and profanity, as well as the reported destruction of vehicles, bathroom supplies, cars, and the appliance damage mentioned above.

Overall, this damage has been roughly totaled at $15,000 within the past three years but does not include several instances that the committee members theorize could raise the costs over $20,000.

Other actions the committee reported on in preparation for spring included the water in the community garden being turned on, woodchips being laid at the new disc golf course, landscaping all the ball fields, and extending the current concession stand lease.

This meeting also featured discussion surrounding Woolwich Police Chief Joseph Morgan’s review of the police department’s rules and regulations. Morgan stated that he has been reviewing these codes to ensure that they are straightforward, efficient, and ethical for the force.

Morgan listed several things that he noticed and plans to change, ranging from the navigation of the documents itself to the department’s lack of a formal mission statement.

“My purpose of reviewing those regulations was first to ensure that our officers are held to the highest standard possible,” Morgan said.  “To make sure our expectations of them have been clear and concise.”

By Berry Andres

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