Kingsway’s Spring Spirit Week

The week of April 4th to 8th was spring spirit week at Kingsway Regional High School. The week consisted of a series of themed dress days by class and culminated in a pep rally and senior trip departure at the end of the week.

Due to the fact that the senior trip was to Orlando, Florida, all of the days were Disney World-themed throughout the week. Monday students wore pajamas, Tuesday was college gear (Monster’s University) day, Wednesday was a Lilo and Stich beach day, and Thursday was Disney gear day. On Thursday, the seniors wore their matching senior trip shirts.

Unlike the other thematic days of the week, Friday was class colors day for the pep rally. On this day, each grade wore a different color to determine which graduating class had the most pep.

“The best part of the pep rally was definitely watching musical chairs because the juniors were doing well during that game and it was intense which only makes things more fun to watch”, said one of the members of the class of 2023.

The celebration consisted of five different competitions between the grades, including a water balloon toss, dance battle, bubble ball, musical chairs, and a relay race.

“My favorite part was probably the relay race,” explained sophomore Morgan Rambler, “The sophomores felt super confident in our team for the race to win, and they did just that. Ben Dryden took it to the finish line and the sophomores were really hyped up after that,” she continued.

All students were encouraged to represent their class in the competitions, as four students were appointed for each game; However, spring sports athletes were not allowed to participate for safety reasons.

Although the day seemed to be mostly fun and games, the stakes for winning were extremely high. The grade who showed the most spirit at the pep rally were given the opportunity to shove a pie into the face of their beloved class administrators.

According to the school administration, the seniors won the pep rally. This result has been a major controversy between the seniors and the underclassmen, who strongly disagree.

“The scoring was rigged,” asserted one junior. “The sophomores won a majority of the events and even though I am a junior, they should have won,” she extended. The sophomores won the pep rally in the fall, so many claim that administrators showed bias toward the Class of 2022 because this will be their last pep rally before graduation.

“There was definitely a lot of tension between the sophomores and seniors. With this pep rally being the seniors’ last one, the sophomores knew they were going to win. There were a lot of emotions felt throughout the pep rally and I would say this one was more hype and heavily anticipated than the pep rally in the fall,” Rambler explained.

Aside from the pep rally itself, spirit points could be accumulated throughout the week. For each thematic dress day, every student would earn a point for their grade if they dressed up. At the pep rally, the points gained by each class during events were never announced. This led to the discrepancy between students and the administration over who actually won.

While spring sports athletes were not allowed to participate in the games at the pep rally, they were included in other ways.

“Spring sports teams were announced before the classes were. Each team was announced, and everyone cheered as they took a lap around the track. Kingsway definitely takes pride in their sports team and the spring sports teams did not go unnoticed,” Rambler clarified.

In spite of the arguments over which grade actually won the pep rally, one thing is apparent and that is that Kingsway school spirit is in full swing. Nothing can deter the Kingsway community from displaying their dragon pride, most especially with summer fast approaching.

By Audrey Pachuta

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