Take Back and Shredding Events a Success

EAST GREENWICH – At the East Greenwich Township Committee meeting held on May 10, the township announced the East Greenwich Police Department’s prescription drug collection day managed to secure 1,000 pounds of medication with the aid of East Greenwich residents.

The “Take Back Day” event, which occurred on April 30, is a part of a national effort by the Drug Enforcement Administration to remove unneeded medications from households and prevent their misuse.

“Congratulations to the police department for their annual medication take back,” Mayor Dale Archer said. “That’s unbelievable, 1,000 pounds of medication.”

The department’s effort within this event affects not only those they collect medication from but the town, due to prescription medications’ role in polluting water sources.

“We work very hard in regards to our water and sewer department. We test our wells, as well as our water is tested on a consistent basis,” Archer said. “One of the big things about bringing the medication back is not to pollute the water and not to pollute the streams that you know, unfortunately, some of those medications continue to stay in there.”

Within the East Greenwich Municipal Building, there is a prescription medication drop off box that residents can access five days a week during the hours of operation in order to continue the police department’s efforts to collect unneeded medications.

Another event that saw success within East Greenwich Township was their shredding event that took place on April 30.

The event, which was sponsored by the East Greenwich Twp. Environmental Commission and Green Team in cooperation with the Board of County Commissioners, saw over 300 cars to recycle 100 percent of all paper shredded.

“I just want to thank the Environmental Commission, the Green Team, as well as the Public Works,” Archer said. “We had a lot of folks come through. Another record amount.”

The meeting saw the passing of several resolutions that included the refunding of overpaid taxes, water and sewer utility improvements, several budget amendments, and approving the advertisement to hire a new crossing guard after the acceptance of crossing guard Florence Buck’s resignation.

“Mrs. Buck has been a fixture as a crossing guard for so many years,” Archer said. “And we wish Mrs. Buck all the very best.”

By Berry Andres

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