East Greenwich Committee Takes Stance Again Limited Brewery Ruling

EAST GREENWICH TWP. – During East Greenwich Township’s committee meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 9, the committee took a strict stance on recent laws placed by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) that will have a direct impact on local breweries in the state.

Known as the “Limited Brewery Special Ruling”, this law enforces a strict limit on events a limited brewery can host, prohibits free drinks and any type of “happy hour” pricing, and prohibits collaboration of any form with a food vendor or food truck.

“The fact that some may utilize other professionals to assist in promoting their business should be of no concern to the ABC,” Mayor Dale Archer said, citing the letter he wrote to Governor Phil Murphy regarding the issue. “Running a successful small business is about recognizing your strengths and seeking guidance on your weakness. What is next? Should craft breweries not be permitted to utilize bookkeepers or accountants and simply figure it out without professionals?”

East Greenwich’s own limited brewery, Death of the Fox Brewing Company, is known for its local, community events such as trivia, open mic nights, and “Coffee with a Cop.” Under these new restrictions, limited breweries are no longer able to sell coffee on site.

“Ultimately, these conditions are doing nothing more than crippling the 130 breweries in New Jersey and, specifically, the one in my community,” Archer said. “I’m asking you to urgently pass legislation to repeal the special rules.”

During this meeting, the committee also took the time to recognize The Kingsway Premier 2003 Boys of the East Greenwich Soccer Association (EGSA) and Kingsway for their victory in the New Jersey Youth Soccer State Cup.

The 17 boys and their four coaches were crowned champions at the New Jersey Youth Soccer State Cup in the under 19 division on Sunday, May 15. They defeated their opponent, World Class FC, 3-0, and will now advance to the US Regionals in West Virginia.

“One of the best things about being on the township committee is having the opportunity to give back,” Archer, said. “Especially our young folk, and acknowledging their accomplishments and outstanding job.”

Many parents and family members were in attendance in person, or over Zoom, to celebrate the accomplishments of these young men as well.

“As you grow up and continue to get older, never forget your parents’ aid. They would ensure that you were at that soccer field, if you were traveling, you had a hotel room,” Archer said. “And we would do it again– times two. The bottom line is, it’s all about you and your growth and your future.”

By Berry Andres

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