CLARKSBORO — Parkour, tumbling, freestyle sports and park play. Rocket Power Academy is here to help your kids develop and thrive.

RPA specializes in Parkour training and outdoor freestyle activities. You’ll be able to find Parkour in the Park events in your local park soon.

Freestyle is an exciting and fast growing activity. It’s a modern form of movement training that combines traditional Tumbling, dynamic acrobatic tricks, and strength movements.

Alternative sports like Freestyle have seen rapid growth in popularity in part due to the creativity and self-expression they offer. Participants are encouraged to pick skills and movements they want to incorporate into their lives, drawing from a diverse range of other sports.

RPA’s goal is to build a community of kids who can exercise and play together for the betterment of their lives in every area. Their facility is located at 119 Berkley Road in Clarksboro.

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