Passmore Dancers Win 7 National Championships

SWEDESBORO — passMORE DANCE had an amazing week at Breakout National Finals in Atlantic City. Everyone did their personal best, and the result was seven national championships and many other overall finishes and special awards.

National Champion Michael Mallozzi in Heart Cry, Teen Celebrity Solo

Michael Mallozzi was First Overall Teen Celebrity Solo (out of 107!) for his tap solo, “Heart Cry.”  He also was the second runner-up for Teen Celebrity of the Year.

For his hip hop solo, “Fresh Prince of Belair,” he won the Grounded Groove Award.  For his jazz solo, “Hustler,” he was first in the category.

Sofia Garufi was Fourth Overall Petite Celebrity Solo, also receiving the Taptastic Award, and the Solo Standout Award for Showmanship for her solo, “Problem.” Owen Boskey was first in the hip hop category, and won the Made for the Stage Award for his solo,”100 Miles and Running.”

Eva Soroka was first in her category with “Black and Yellow.” Emma Groce was tenth overall in the Up and Coming Petite Solo division for her solo, “Handclap.” Micaiah Goodwin was fourth overall in the Up and Coming Junior Solo with “Like It’s Hot.”

Jillian Olsen placed sixth overall for her solo, “My Shot,” in the Up and Coming Junior Solo division. Tyler Boskey won the Rocking Rhythms Award with his solo, “Whatever it Takes.” Willow Davis scored second overall in the Junior Beginner Solo division for her solo, “Sweet Dreams.”  She also won the Grounded Grooves Award.

National Champions September 13-15 Celebrity Duet
National Champions Fist Fight 10-12 Celebrity Duet

Duets also fared well.  “Fist Fight,” with Michael Mallozzi and Eva Soroka were first overall in the Junior Celebrity Duet division.  “September,” performed by Madison Betsill and Michael Mallozzi was first in the Senior Celebrity duet division.  “Iko Iko,” with Lilybelle Fling and Tyler Boskey won the Easy Breezy Beautiful Award. Emily Aitken and Olivia Mayer were first overall in the Celebrity Petite Duet division.

National Champions! Beyonce Back up 6 and Under Up and Coming Small Group

The groups brought home three more national titles. “Beyonce’s Backup,” with Mackenzie Beebe, Harper and Kylie Holloway, and Sofia Garufi, was first in the 6 and Under Up and Coming Small Group division.  They also won the Sweet and Sassy Award. “Beggin’” won the Rhythm Stars Award and was eighth overall in the Teen Up and Coming division and won fifth in the Top Tier Challenge.

National Champions! Bleed the Same 7-9 Celebrity Duet

Dancers in this Group were: Tyler Boskey, Meadow Chiarelli, Dia Chitrabhanu, Willow Davis, Lilybelle Fling, Micaiah Goodwin, Cammie Jones, Jillian Olsen, Reese Polk, and Zoe Ruggiano.  “Madagascar,” won the Electric Energy Award and were the ninth overall Beginner 6 and Under Small Group. Dancers in “Madagascar,” were:  Avery DeYoung, Riley Drummond, Kallie Gilbert, and Ava and Emma Lyons.

National Champions!  Rio: 7-9 Celebrity Large Group

“Motive” won the Technique Award. “Rio” was first in the Celebrity 7-9 Large Group division and scored an invite to the Celebrity Challenge. Dancers in Rio were:  Emily Aitken, Sofia Araujo, Mackenzie Beebe, Gia Chinnici, Sofia Garufi, Harper and Kylie Holloway, Olivia Mayer, Arianna Morales, Reese Polk, and Eva Soroka.

“Britney” was tenth overall in the Junior Small Groups, won the Made for the Stage Award, and were invited to the Celebrity Challenge.  Dancers in “Britney,” were:  Emily Aitken, Sofia Araujo, Gia Chinnici, Olivia Mayer, Arianna Morales, and Eva Soroka.

National Champions!  Stereotypes Celebrity Teen Small Group

Stereotypes was the first overall Celebrity Teen Small Group Champion and placed second in the 13 and Over Celebrity Challenge. Dancers included:  Madison Betsill, Owen Boskey, Gia Chinnici, Michael Mallozzi, Kathryn Milligan, Kiersten Powell and Eva Sororka.

The production which included every company member placed fifth overall in Junior Celebrity Production, fifth overall in Junior Celebrity Production/Line, and won a Crazy Creativity Award.

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