Do Not Put Your Recycling In Bags

WOOLWICH TWP. – During Woolwich Township’s only municipal meeting of the month on Nov. 21, the township committee discussed two of their most prevalent problems: recycling and the vandalism of Locke Avenue Park.

In Councilman Michael Nocentino’s Environmental Commission report, the importance of proper recycling was discussed as well as the negative impact that improperly sorted garbage can have on the municipality.

“Seventy three percent of loads have [plastic] bags in them. Please stop putting plastic bags in recycling,” Nocentino said. “It costs us money. It doesn’t work.”

The Woolwich Public Works Department states bags cannot be recycled by placing them in recycling containers. To properly recycle plastic bags, residents can bring them to a designated drop-off location, such as a local grocery store. This is because the material is not only difficult to recycle but can also, according to Nocentino, “gunk up the automated machines.”

Nocentino added that the township spends roughly $11,000 on plastic bags violation fees annually and that while this amount is nominal in comparison to the municipality’s larger budget, it is still money that the township can avoid spending.

The committee also reported that, once again, Locke Avenue Park was vandalized. Several acts of vandalism have occurred in recent years, including the destruction of bathroom supplies, graffiti, damage to vehicles, and bathroom appliances. Due to this, the Locke Avenue Park bathrooms have only been open for special events since April 2022.

“There was some significant graffiti and damage to the park, which is just very sad,” Nocentino said. “I hope that this ceases in the future, and we are going to find out who’s doing this.”

Since then, the township has received quotes for security cameras in the space, and the committee is currently in the process of reviewing submissions. Discussion regarding Locke Avenue Park security has been prevalent amongst the committee for quite some time.

“Vandalism has not stopped. It has moved to different areas of the park,” Mayor Craig Frederick said during a committee meeting on April 18, 2022. “So, we are in the process of trying to review a couple different quotes [for security camera costs.]”

The Woolwich Police Department reminds residents that all tips submitted to them regarding vandalism and graffiti will remain anonymous.

By Berry Andres

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