WOOLWICH TWP. — Warrington “Mill” Road has been closed since September due to the instability of the Warrington Mill Dam that lies under the roadway. Questions have arisen as to who actually owns the dam and who is responsible for the cost of repairing.

According to minutes from the Dec. 5 Woolwich Township Committee meeting, a resolution was passed establishing a cost sharing agreement between the township and Kings View Estates LLC which owns the ground.

According to the resolution, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection determined that Kings View Estates, LLC, Woolwich Township, East Greenwich Township, and Gloucester County are all co-owners of the dam and are responsible for the improvements. However, both East Greenwich and the county have disagreed on the ownership.

Because of this, Kings View Estate and the township alone have agreed to the cost sharing agreement. The township will contribute 25 percent of the initial inspection and engineering proposal and Kings View Estates will contribute 75 percent.

The cost sharing agreement is for the immediate and preliminary requirement of the NJDEP Dam Safety, including an inspection and engineering proposal for a safe operating level.

— by Karen E. Viereck, Editor/Publisher

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