Passmore a dancer in holiday Apple TV movie, “Spirited”

Robin Passmore, owner of passMORE DANCE, can be seen tap dancing in the newly released movie, “Spirited,” starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer.  “Spirited” is a modern day musical rendition of “Christmas Carol,” and is playing in select theaters and streaming on Apple TV.  Robin was honored for this opportunity to work with choreographer Chloe Arnold, and her team, Ava Bernstine-Mitchell and Martha Nichols.  Robin spent four weeks rehearsing and filming back in 2021 in Boston, Massachusetts.  One of her scenes featured tappers on scaffolding against a building, earning her some hazard pay. In addition to tap dancers, the film featured ballet, hip hop and aerialists. Both Reynolds and Ferrell danced in all scenes. No dance doubles were used. Robin attended the New York City premiere in November and was thrilled to see the finished product. 

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