Woolwich’s grant money to go towards roads and park path

WOOLWICH TWP. – In the Woolwich Township Committee’s pursuit of improving infrastructure within its borders, the committee announced at their Dec. 19 meeting that the township has received two municipal aid grants from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

These grants are specifically meant to be utilized for phase three of the High Hill Road shared-use path as well as for the repaving of Russell Mill and Back Creek Road, and total $251,000 and $234,900, respectively.

“Over the last four, five years, we’ve been trying to essentially complete the full loop of High Hill connecting this whole area all the way through and into Locke Ave Park,” Woolwich Mayor Craig Frederick said. “This is something that we’ve been wanting to do forever, so it’s great news.”

There is no current timeline for either project, although the township committee hopes for both to be completed by 2024.

The NJDOT grants followed a series of resolutions passed by the Woolwich Township, including the cancelation of outstanding checks, refund of overpaid taxes, and the authorization for the Woolwich Joint Land Use Board (JLUB) to undertake and assemble data to advise the committee about “potential areas for rehabilitation”.

Frederick described this resolution as a way to examine the possibility of providing five-year tax rebates to residents seeking to make large-scale improvements to their home — similar to that of the township’s PILOT program for large retailers and developers.

“What we’ve been looking at as well is that we have residents who want to make home improvements holistically,” Frederick said. “So what we’re trying to with JLUB is to see what we can do about a potential five year tax abatement for those who want to improve the conditions of their house. They want to do a deck. They want to do something to their basement.”

The committee stressed that this is just the first discussion of many regarding the possibility, but that this plan has the potential to both incentivize home improvements as well as benefit residents in doing so.

The Woolwich Fire Company also kept busy during the holiday seasons as they reported over 300 Christmas tree sales during their annual tree sale fundraiser. Committeeman Michael Nocentino affirmed that the Environmental Commission has continued their process of purchasing trees to be planted within the township.

By Berry Andres

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