Local Drinking Water Showing No Impact From Chemical Spill

A notification was sent out on Sunday from New Jersey American Water asking for residents of Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties to voluntary conserve non-essential water usage due to a chemical spill on a tributary to the Delaware River located in Bristol, PA.

This is the map from American Water Works Service Company, Inc. showing that Logan, Woolwich, Swedesboro, and East Greenwich are in their alert area.

     Residents here are reportedly stocking up on bottled water at local grocery stores due to worry about their water being contaminated.

     Local municipalities are monitoring the situation but so far have not found any contaminants in their water sources.

          Logan Township officials stated that New Jersey American has advised that Logan’s water supply is safe.    

    Woolwich Township OEM Coordinator Fred Lock stated there are no effects to their water system.  He stated that the township is continually monitoring this situation through the Gloucester County OEM and Aqua Water, the provider for Woolwich Township. 

     Swedesboro Mayor Tom Fromm said there is no impact to their 300 foot deep groundwater well. “If we get any kind of notice recommending that we collect samples, we certainly will,” he stated.

East Greenwich Township is also serviced by New Jersey American Water. According to East Greenwich Township Public Works Manager Anthony Rossett, the water department has not been affected by the chemical spill in Bristol, Pa.

Harrison Township Administrator Mark Gravinese stated that there are no issues with their water source.

      The notice from New Jersey American Water stated that their company is monitoring the source water and performing water quality tests at various points in the treatment process and throughout the distribution system. “At this time the company has determined that the spill has not impacted the treated drinking water being delivered to customers in the three counties served by the Delaware River Regional Water Treatment Plant,” stated officials.

By Karen E. Viereck, Editor/Publisher

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  1. Props to New Jersey American Water for the heads up on the chemical spill! 🚨 Residents in Burlington, Camden, and Gloucester Counties, hang tight – local folks are keeping an eye on things. 👀 Logan, Woolwich, Swedesboro, East Greenwich, and Harrison Townships, your water’s good! 💦 Cheers to everyone working to keep our water safe.

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