Committee votes to add an additional liquor license

WOOLWICH TWP. – At the March 6 meeting of the Woolwich Township Committee, a resolution was approved for the authorization of a sale of a “plenary retail consumption license.”

This resolution, unanimously approved by the committee, permits the sale of alcoholic beverages by sale and by original container, as well as the ability to consume the beverages on the grounds where the license operates. The license has not yet been granted to a business, although the committee indicated that a bid for the license had been made.

“There are some stipulations in there, and our goal is to try and get retail development,” Frederick said. “We’re adding the stipulations that basically, not only to get the license, but it needs to be used and operational by Jan. 1, 2025.”

The committee and those in attendance discussed future plans for community events and scheduling an open forum for residents.

The Rev. Sherry Hall spoke on behalf of the Historical and Educational Lodge-Hall Preservatory Inc. (H.E.L.P. INC.) as its director of community programs to request aid from the township committee in obtaining a stage for performers, a tent for attendees, and tables and chairs for their upcoming Juneteenth Festival to be held on June 15.

“Last year you graciously sponsored us for the stage and approved the seating,” Hall said to the committee.  “So, we’re again asking for the stage, the tents, and the seating for this event. We can’t do this event without partnerships like this one.”

The Juneteenth Festival will be located at Parking Lot F of Kingsway High School, directly across the road from the Mt. Zion A.M.E. Church that Hall identified as a site along the Underground Railroad. Previously, the festival included performers the Trumpet Chicks and PACE band, Camden. Hall indicated that the community could anticipate similar entertainment in the upcoming event, including the Universal African Dance & Drum Ensemble from Camden.

“We would certainly love to continue our support through our resolution process,” Mayor Craig Frederick said. “So since this event is in June, we can put this through our review process, get financial approval.”

Also approved was a quote for $20,000 from Remington & Vernick Engineers for the company to construct a municipal truck route system. The company will study traffic throughout Woolwich to determine what roads trucks can travel on in a way that is most beneficial to the community. This is a crucial step in Woolwich’s further development as the continued construction of warehouses in the township’s Rt. 322 corridor brings an increase of trucks into the neighborhood.

“Essentially, what they’re looking for — and obviously they work with the county, they would work with the state — essentially trying to identify where and where not trucks are allowed to go,” Frederick said.

Furthermore, the committee debated alternate methods of hosting a town hall-like forum for the community so that residents could have more direct discussions with the various members of the committee.

The committee decided this would be done via a “Walk with the Mayor” event at Tranquility Trails. Although a date has not yet been set for the event, residents can receive updates through the Woolwich Township mailing list located on the township’s website.

“We’re just trying to figure out the best ways to communicate certain plans we’re trying to do throughout the year, and the best way to continue having open dialogue,” Frederick said. “And obviously this is not just one and done, this is just a start and then every month, every other month, we can have some basic discussions.”

By Berry Andres

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  1. Need an exit 9 off of oldman’s creek to 295 to alleviate traffic at exit 10, dangerous backups occur often on southbound 295 at exit 10.

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