St. Peter’s Community Fundraising Event at Cinder Bar

CLARKSBORO — Who doesn’t like that special local place where you can grab a beer, some wings, a pizza and just sit and relax at the end of a long day? Cinder Bar in Clarksboro fills that bill for a lot of people. Now you can eat there and donate at the same time.

Cinder Bar, located at 119 Berkley Rd in Clarksboro, is helping St. Peter’s Community Pantry by hosting four great days supporting the Pantry. When you go to Cinder Bar on June 4 through June 8, mention St. Peter’s Pantry, and 5 percent of your check (excluding alcohol, tax and tips) will be given to St. Peter’s Pantry.

This is a wonderful way to enjoy a day or night of fun with friends and family while supporting a great cause that benefits those experiencing food insecurity right here in our own community.

Please share this news. We hope to see you all at Cinder Bar!

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