EG Budget Now Official

EAST GREENWICH TWP. – The municipal council for the township of East Greenwich officially adopted the previously announced 2023 budget during their June 13 meeting.

The budget includes a zero percent tax increase for residents of the township, making it the eighth year in a row an increase in the municipal tax rate.

“It’s eight years later, and we’re still doing the same thing at zero percent, and still maintain our public service that we do, maintaining the equipment that we need, also paying our employees a deserving rate on top of that. It really is quite an achievement. I’m super proud of everybody on here,” said Mayor Dale Archer.

Archer also spoke on the township’s debt, saying that the township has taken on no new debt and has been actively working to pay down what debt is remaining.

The council also announced that paving to improve several of the township’s roads was to begin between the last week of June and the first two weeks of July. Streets that will be getting repaved include Kings Highway, Democrat Road, Whiskey Mill Road, North Wolfert Station Road, Colonial Drive, Rachel Drive, Elaine Drive, Ronald Drive, Pollo Court, and Swedesboro Avenue.

During the meeting, the purchase of two new Chevy Tahoes for the police department was also officially authorized. Plans to use grant money to purchase a storm street sweeper next year were announced as well.

Progress on the new pickleball courts was also updated during meeting, with Archer announcing that much of the painting was being worked on while the fencing was finished, with the exception of a door that had yet to arrive. All of the fencing was donated to the township from an old bull pen. A ribbon cutting is being planned for when the courts are finished.

“Doing the work ourselves, getting donated fences, these are the kind of things that are why we are so successful,” said Archer.

By Abigail Twiford

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