Seniors reflect on the past and the future as they graduate high school

Please welcome our newest contributor, Madison McNally, a Kingsway Senior

The past four years have been quite the whirlwind for many Kingsway students, especially seniors. With the COVID-19 pandemic impeding the latter half of the Class of 2023’s freshman year and their entire sophomore year, seniors had to adapt to all the changes they were faced with throughout their high school careers.

Luckily, though, the Class of 2023 got to enjoy a full junior and senior year in person. Though high school is different for everyone, the same thing is true for most seniors: it’s an experience that no one will ever forget.

Senior Jac DeJesus, who plans to attend college to study animation, reveals, “My experience in high school was very interesting. Lots of drama, definitely, but without everything that happened I wouldn’t be the person I am today.”

High school may be filled to the brim with drama, stress, and pressure, but it prepares students for life beyond it. DeJesus explains, “You’ve been working up to graduation your entire life, and graduation means that you’ve finally reached that goal in life. Going to college is scary, definitely, but it is also a door to a whole lot of new opportunities.”

All the struggles faced during high school provide students with practice for life as adults. Most students are going to college, which also requires preparation for during high school.

Grace Garrity plans to become an art therapist after attending RCSJ for her first two years of college and Rowan University for her last two years of college. “To me, graduation is about maturing to become an adult and finding yourself and who you want to be. But for college, I am curious to see how I’ll spend this next chapter of my life,” Garrity says.

Some students, however, plan to wait a while longer before deciding what career path to take. Brian Molina, a former senior, explains, “I’m not going to college right away. I plan on waiting half a year and then go in the springtime. Whether that is college, trade school or a university.”

Whether or not students plan on attending college, new and unique career paths seem to be becoming more prevalent. High school, especially senior year, is a time for students to discover who they are with support from peers and teachers.

Many students are unafraid when it comes to choosing the right career path and following their passion. Though students might choose to attend college or not to attend college, either decision can aid the process of discovering who they are.

Brian Molina says, “Graduation means more opportunities to expand on. It is like a new beginning for many people. Or just another step towards your goals.”

By Madison McNally, KRHS Senior

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