Kingsway students prepare for the 2023-2024 school year

Though summer feels as though it has just begun, the season is finally coming to an end. Kingsway students are busy finalizing schedules, shopping for supplies, and finishing up summer work.

Summer isn’t the only thing that seems to have gone by in a blur. For many seniors, high school has flown by, too. Jessica Blanda, an incoming senior, reflects on what it’s like to finally be entering her last year of high school.

“It feels weird that this will be the last time we’ll be going back to [Kingsway],” she explains. However, several students are also excited to begin this next chapter of their lives and experience life outside of high school.

On a brighter note, seniors were once again given the opportunity to paint their parking spots. Last year was the first time this was available, and several seniors took advantage of it to paint colorful murals on the pavement.

Painting parking spots allows seniors to fully embrace their final year of high school and leave their mark on Kingsway. Though each parking spot gets painted over by the next student each year, the memories made by seniors will not be forgotten.

Some students, however, have decided not to paint their parking spots. “I’m not painting my parking spot,” Blanda recalls. “I was considering it, but it falls on a day that we have band camp and even if I could get an exception to do it another day, it wouldn’t be fun to paint it by myself.”

Meanwhile, incoming 9th graders are preparing for their freshman year with anticipation and excitement. Amanda Rienzi explains, “Although the thought of going into high school makes me slightly anxious due to it being an unfamiliar atmosphere, I’m much more excited for the various opportunities, both academically and socially, it may provide me. Since there’ll be more students attending, electives available, and after-school activities to join. I believe that going back to school as a freshman will give me a fresh restart in a school environment.”

Finalizing schedules is also an important part of the end-of-summer routine for many Kingsway students. Because high school allows for more flexibility with choosing classes, students have the opportunity to select classes that fit their interests and learning styles. For instance, a student might choose an AP class over a CP class if they enjoy a challenge or would like the benefit of college credits.

Though plenty of AP classes will give students a lot of college credits, it’s important for students not to overexert themselves. Blanda remarks that “sometimes with a busy schedule, it can get to be very stressful, and you end up just running around like a crazy person trying to get everything accomplished.” A challenge can be healthy, but several students also believe that good mental health is just as important.

Luckily, this summer gave students a chance to recharge and prepare themselves for the upcoming school year. Elise Dalessio, an incoming senior, said, “I’m excited to be going back, I’m happy with my classes this year, and I think they’ll be manageable for me.”

Dalessio also remarked that she was looking forward to returning to marching band. The same is true for many students who can’t wait to socialize with their friends again, participate in clubs, and enjoy high school while it lasts.

By Madison McNally, KRHS senior

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